Sponsored by Oi and RioFilme, the Live Cinema Festival (LCf) readies for its ninth edition in 2015, furthering its mission of presenting the latest trends in real-time audiovisual art, while simultaneously connecting traditions, innovation, experiments and studies. This year, we move beyond the now-traditional showcase of audiovisual performances at Oi Futuro Ipanema, also setting up shop in the Odeon Theater  for a Robert Henk special gig.

The event schedule is as follows:

_ August 6th: performance  at Oi Futuro Ipanema.

_ August 7th: performance  at Oi Futuro Ipanema.

_ August 8th: performance Cine Odeon.

_ October 9th: lecture at Parque Lage.

We’ll see you there!

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