The Live Cinema Festival (LCf) is the product of a project which took shape in 2007, when the first Live Cinema Special Showcase was organized, as a part of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, or Festival do Rio. Six Brazilian artists performed over the three nights of the showcase, which took place in the ODEON Cinema, adapted specifically to host the performances.

In 2008, there was a new breakthrough with the organization of two Festivals. The first of them was the inaugural National Live Cinema Showcase, held at the Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro, and along with ten artists from four Brazilian states, the showcase also offered, for the first time, an educational showcase of national and international videos, as well as two discussion forums addressing Live Cinema production in Brazil and abroad. On that same year, the second Live Cinema Special Showcase was also held as part of that year’s Rio Film Festival. Apart from the premiere of the first interactive feature-length film to be presented in Brazil, and produced specifically for a Live Cinema performance presented by filmmaker Bruno Viana, the event also brought in its first international guest: Finnish artist SOLU.

In 2009, the LCf took shape and we organized our first national trip. Sponsored by Petrobrás and backed by São Paulo’s SESC Pompeia, the Showcase traveled to the São Paulo state capital, offering 6 nights of audiovisual performances, two important discussion forums and two lectures conducted with the international guests. All told, there were 18 audiovisual performances with the highlights including feature-length presentations by Beto Brant, Bruno Vianna and Alexandre Carvalho, as well as experimental performances by Daito Manabe (Japan), Hol (Belo Horizonte), Claudio Caldini (Argentina), Panetone (Porto Alegre), Duo N-1 (Amapá) and Tomaz Klotzel (São Paulo).

In 2010, sponsored by Oi, the LCf returned to the city of Rio de Janeiro and presented 16 artists – 2 international guests and 14 Brazilians – as well as one workshop, one lecture and one roundtable debate to Rio audiences. All told, there were 16 performances which introduced new audiovisual trends to the audiences, ranging from live coding to performance and installation-based compositions, as well as works which were more experimental in nature, and others with narrative or cinematic approaches which are always part of our festival. In 2010, the LCf also curated Live Cinema works for the SESC Arts Circuit, in partnership with the São Paulo SESC.

In 2011, the Live Cinema Showcase strengthened its partnership with Oi and also counted on the SESC Pompeia’s support to bring in 12 Brazilian artists and 4 international guests. Among the highlights of the event were Canadian artist Herman Kolgen, who presented his INJECT and DUST performances, and German artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert and his VISUAL PIANO, which transformed the performance space by sculpting it with light and variable visual patterns, generated and modulated in real time.

In 2012, the LCf, still backed by Oi, expanded its showcase space to cover not only Oi Futuro Ipanema’s façade and screening room, but also its gallery space, stairways and entrance lobby. The LCf featured 13 national performances, along with a roundtable debate and lecture.

In 2013, the Live Cinema Showcase, again partnered with Oi, was held in December at the Oi Futuro Ipanema. Parallel to the event, the “Workshop for Real-Time Audiovisual Studies (Live Cinema)” was held at the Park Libraries in the Rocinha and Complexo de Manguinhos communities in Rio de Janeiro. We aimed to provide increased access to the LCf, allowing for greater integration between people and audiovisual works, as well as contributing to the development of young artists through the Workshop, which was sponsored by Petrobrás and backed by the Rio de Janeiro State Bureau of Culture.

In 2014, the mLC was sponsored by Oi once again, with the support of Riofilme as well. The showcase, held in the month of October at the Oi Futuro Ipanema, the Biblioteca Parque Estadual, the Niterói Library and Agripino Grieco Square (Méier), featured 10 live audiovisual performances.

In 2015, furthering its partnerships with OI and Riofilme, this latest edition of the mLC will be held in the month of August, featuring 4 audiovisual performances and one lecture.

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