01+01= 01 – Daniel Limaverde e Antonio Hofmeister

06 August 2015 on the exterior of Oi Futuro – Ipanema. 9:30 pm. Duration: 30 min.

For its ninth edition, the Live Cinema Showcase has invited Rio de Janeiro-based artists Daniel Limaverde and Antonio Hofmeister to present 01 + 01 = 01, a brand-new audiovisual performance based on the central theme of unity.


From an audiovisual standpoint, the performance is an abstract manifestation of the “reconstruction” of data generated live on stage through the use of motion sensors, along with image and sound sets which hold a “dialogue” between them, while also being interdependent by nature. Sets which create, in real time, fragments and specks which slowly recombine and form the face of a whole, a singular space, created for the purpose of experiencing unity.

Here, Daniel comments on his work. “Today, most of the knowledge generated by humanity is stored digitally in hard drives or pen drives, whose life spans are often less than a decade, and remain less reliable than pen and paper, technically speaking. The loss of an HD elicits a certain amount of mourning. Whether it’s the loss of work material or a collection of personal memories, each of them is an individual Library of Alexandria, and they are lost every day by the thousands. In the future, historians and archaeologists trying to piece together and reconstruct this era will do so by recovering fragments of our hard drives.”

As a sort of archaeology of the here and now, 01 + 01 = 01 will create a shared moment in which the audience will have the chance to experience, albeit for a short while, the state of “unity” proposed by the artists.



Daniel Limaverde is a music producer, composer, DJ, sound artist and filmmaker. In 2014, he was chosen out of over 6,000 candidates from 110 countries to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy event in Tokyo, Japan, which offered lectures and access to artists such as Ryoji Ikeda, Holly Herndon and Carl Craig, among others. Through the Gomus Music agency, he has scored various commercials, working with brands such as Lancôme, Coca-Cola and Google. He had an art residency at the MIS-SP in 2013. In 2012, he was a regional representative in the Music category for the Movimento Hotspot Festival. He is currently putting the finishing touches on the score for “A Morte de J.P. Cuenca”, a feature-length film to be aired on Canal Brasil, with a script that merited an award from the Venice Film Festival’s Biennale College project.

Antonio Hofmeister is a VJ, digital programmer and filmmaker. He has a degree in Social Communications from PUC-Rio, specializing in Interfaces and Cinema. He currently works at the Rio de Janeiro-based SuperUber technological creativity studio, where he has worked with renowned national and international companies and institutions, such as the UN, Intel and TED, among others.

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