07 August 2015. Theater- Oi Futuro de Ipanema. 9:00 pm. Duration: 30 min.

For its ninth edition, the Live Cinema Showcase has invited Rio de Janeiro-born filmmaker Simplicio Neto to execute a real-time audiovisual remix of “Carioca Was a River”, his own award-winning documentary.


“Carioca Was a River” LIVE REMIX is a multimedia performance in which director and screenwriter Simplicio Neto takes on the role of his alter egos: Dínamo’s DJ Simpla and PHUNK!’s VJ Simpla, through which he re-edits, re-dubs, re-records and re-scores his work on stage, accompanied by members of FILME, the band responsible for the original score, and OS NEFELIBATAS, his current band, to which he contributes as singer and songwriter.




“Carioca Was a River” is a documentary about the river which lends its name to the residents of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where “the rivers play hide-and-seek,” as Drummond once put it. The Carioca was the former Brazilian capital’s main source of water for two centuries, and steered its very urban landscape, but nowadays, it is no more than a large underwater sewer, emptying out into the Guanabara Bay. The script was the product of an award in the RioFilme 2008 Screnwriting Contest and a co-production between Jurubeba Productions, Maraberto and Synapse. It won an award at the 4th Ecofalante Environmental Cinema Showcase in São Paulo in 2015, and was included in the official selection for the 2014 Cinema Planeta International Film Festival in Mexico. It was featured in the following Brazilian film festivals: New Directions Showcase in the 2013 Rio Film Festival, the 2013 REcine International Film Archive Festival, the International Ethnographic Cinema Showcase in 2013, and the Free Cinema Showcase at the CCBBs in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília in 2014. It was also requested for screening at numerous cinema clubs, as well as academic and artistic events and political activism manifestations, encouraging the current debate regarding urban, social and environmental issues in Brazil, such as the “Aldeia Gentil” event held at the Gentil Carioca Art Gallery, along with seminars and conferences, such as the ones held by the PUC-RJ History department, by CEAT, Cinema Club events such as the ones organized by FGV-RJ, the Tribuna Cultural Livre de Lumiar, the Darcy Ribeiro Film School, the Moleque Mateiro Institute for Environmental Education, PSOL, etc. Lastly, the film was licensed to air on Brazilian cable network Curta! Originally an essay-film concerning aesthetic experimentation and political activism, along the lines of the cinematic-symphonic-poetic essays of Chris Marker and Harun Faroki, the film has reached the pinnacle of its open development process, as a work in progress, in the form of this live remix presentation at the 2015 Live Cinema Showcase.


Simplício Neto – Director, VJ/DJ SIMPLA – Screenwriter/director Simplicio Neto has co-directed a number of award-winning music documentaries, such as “Onde a Coruja Dorme”, and has been active in the Rio de Janeiro nightlife since the 1990s as cultural producer, VJ SIMPLA for Phunk! parties, and DJ SIMPLA for Dínamo parties. Investing in post-cinema and neo-narratives, Simplicio is also a playwright, as well as VJ for the multimedia plays “A Re-volta de Charles Magnífico” (staged for the ‘Fronteira – Encontro de Linguagens’ project, a theatrical action organized by Funarte at the Glauce Rocha Theater in 2011) and “O Procrastinador” (currently running at the Midrash Cultural Center, May 2015). Simplicio has performed as a guitar player, singer and songwriter, playing with memorable artists in Rio’s underground scene, such as Vibrosensores, Máquina no Mundo, Teatro Liquido and Banda Filme. These parties, bands and multimedia theater experiences, with VJ/DJ SIMPLA at the helm, have taken over the biggest stages in Rio de Janeiro’s nightlife and cultural scene: Circo Voador, Fundição Progresso, Clube Bola Preta, Espaço Multifoco, Teatro Odisséia, Teatro Ziembienki, SESC Tijuca, Oi Futuro, Casa da Matriz, Boite Bunker, etc.

Filme – Banda Filme composed and performed and documentary’s original film score, which serves as the basis for this presentation. The band will be represented on stage by Augusto Malbouisson on electric guitar and pedals, and Sandro Rodrigues on the drums.

Os Nefelibatas – Simplício Neto’s newest sonic experiment, joined by his musical partners. Their first show was on October 9th 2014 at Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro’s newest Mecca for independent artists, for the pre-release party for the band’s first EP, “Fuscas & Dirigíveis”. Later shows of note include one at the historic and celebrated Sala Baden Powell in Copacabana, for an edition of the Admirável Mundo Novo (Brave New World) project, which maps out new attractions in the Brazilian independent scene. There was also the show marking the release of the “Terror & Vaudeville” EP, at the 6-year anniversary of the Dínamo party, which brought rock to the heart of the Lapa district. Apart from the fanbase, which has grown with every show, reviews have been very positive for the EPs. “Fuscas & Dirigíveis” earned reviews on six international websites, such as American blog Superrockmountain!, topping its 2014 EP GRAB BAG list. “Terror & Vaudeville” also earned praise in blogs covering Brazilian independent music, such as Alexandre Matias’ Trabalho Sujo blog, Barbara Scarambone Leal’s BOO MONSTER BOP blog, and the Amplifier blog, which is the space dedicated to new Brazilian music in the O Globo newspaper. The band will be represented on stage by Sidney Honigzstejn on the bass and Gabriel Ares on the keyboard.


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