DEIXA NA RÉGUA REMIX – Emílio Domingos

07 August 2015. Theater- Oi Futuro de Ipanema. 9:30 pm. Duration: 30 min.

For its ninth edition, the Live Cinema Showcase has invited Rio de Janeiro-based filmmaker and social scientist Emílio Domingos, known for his award-winning film “Passinho Dance-Off”, to perform a real-time audiovisual remix of his new documentary, “Deixa na Régua”.

“Deixa na Régua” paints a picture of the constellation of barbershops found in Rio’s favelas and suburbs. It is in those barbershops that the new aesthetics of Rio’s urban fringes are developed and disseminated. Hubs for the urban youth, these barbershops have become major centers for information exchange. Between trims, razor cuts and scissor clips, “Deixa na Régua” showcases the new trends found in Rio de Janeiro’s outer fringes.

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Emílio Domingos, filmmaker and social scientist, a UFRJ alumnus, works as a director, researcher, screenwriter and filmmaking assistant, focusing primarily on documentaries. Since 1997, he has worked in the field of visual anthropology, and urban culture in particular. As director, he has 9 shorts and 2 feature-length documentaries under his belt. His debut documentary feature, “L.A.P.A” (2008), was named Best Film at the Camera Mundo Festival in Rotterdam, South Holland. It premiered in Brazilian theaters in 2009. In 2012, Domingos released his second feature “Passinho Dance-Off”, which won an award at the Rio Film Festival’s New Directions Showcase.

Apart from his documentary work, Domingos has also directed music videos for artists such as BNegão and Lucas Santtana, and worked as researcher, screenwriter and assistant director for filmmakers such as João Salles, Breno Silveira, Lula Buarque de Hollanda, Andrucha Waddington and Carolina Jabor, on films such as “Mistério do Samba”, “Viva São João” and “Pierre Verger”. On television, he was a researcher for TV Globo’s “Esquenta”.

In 2014, the Rio de Janeiro City Council awarded Emílio the Pedro Ernesto Medal for all he’d done for the city. He is currently working on his newest feature-length documentary, “Deixa na Régua”, depicting the universe of Rio de Janeiro’s barbershops, and is co-directing, along with José Henrique Fonseca, a documentary about the Vasco da Gama sports club.


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