Lumière II – Robert Henke

August 8 , 2015. Cine Odeon. 8:30 pm. Duration:60min.

For its ninth edition, the Live Cinema Showcase has invited German artist Robert Henke (programmer, musician, concept engineer, digital media artist and one of the main creators behind the popular Ableton Live music software) to present his latest project: Lumière II, an audiovisual laser-and-sound composition.



Powerful lasers draw shapes and interconnected dots morphing in quick succession in space, strictly synchronized with sound events painstakingly engineered to create a sense of absolute audiovisual synaesthesia.

The lasers are projected on a large screen, and also partly on a wall of fog, which also contributes to the visibility of the intense light beams, connecting the lasers in the back of the room with the screen in the front, forming fragile ephemeral objects above the audience.

The special quality of the laser light allows for the combination of complete darkness with moments of blazing brightness – pure white light with intensely saturated colors, and precise movements with complex organic shapes. Lumière II is powered by several interconnected pieces of software, developed by the artist himself.


Lumière II takes some ideas and experiences from the original iteration of the work, Lumière (2013), but presents a very different focus and aesthetics. The first version was based on improvisation and the resulting rough gestures. The software for that first version did not allow for the creation of more complex shapes. A huge part of the work on Lumière II was the development of a much more powerful software framework, which would allow for the creation of very intricate and detailed figures, as well as a more complex sound synthesis engine.

Lumière II was premiered on February 19th 2015 at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, and will be presented in August 2015 at the 9th Live Cinema Showcase in Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Robert Henke builds and operates machinery which creates sounds, shapes and structures. He is fascinated by the beauty of technical objects, and developing his own instruments and algorithms is an integral part of his creative process. His materials are computer-generated sounds and images, field recordings, photography and light; transformed, rearranged and modulated by mathematical rules, real-time interaction and controlled random operations. Robert Henke’s work has a particular focus on the exploration of spaces, both virtual and physical. Many of his works make use of multiple audio channels, or are specifically conceived for unique locations, with their individual properties in mind.

His long-term musical project Monolake is one of the key icons of the new electronic club music scene which flourished in Berlin after the fall of the Wall. Robert Henke is also one of the main creators of the popular Ableton Live music software, which has completely redefined the performance practice of electronic music.


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