Wilson Sukorski e José Wagner Garcia

Taps Of Love
Imaging and sound treatment of various readings of the fetish of erotic spanking – theartofspanking – translated for the specific temporality of cinema: immersion, high resolution, “qualia”, light, movement, time. Conceived for live experimental music, live images with pre-recorded material with a couple of actors, operated by the proponents in real time.

The artists
José Wagner Garcia was born in 1956 in São Paulo, where he studied architecture, design, semiotics and communication sciences, later receiving a doctorate in art and biosemiotics. From 1988 to 1991, he was a scholarship recipient at CAVS (Center for Advanced Visual Studies) and at the MIT/MEDIALAB of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 2001 he did research at the Santa Fé Institute.
Wilson Sukorski is a composer, electronic musician, multimedia performer, creator/producer of musical content for radio/video/cinema, designer and builder of unusual musical instruments and a researcher in digital audio. All of this in addition to presenting as a musical performer in shows and monoband performances, in Brazil and with a strong international career.


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